About the Anandini Members:

The Anandini team has a total of Eight Members. Members who bring with them varied strands of thought and experience making Anandini an interesting weave…

Mrs Kiran Aggarwal : President, Anandini

Mrs Kiran Aggarwal joined the IAS in 1964 after her BA Hons in English Literature. Most of her early career was in the State of Haryana in various departments like Tourism, Culture, Education, Technical Education, Labour, PWD etc. But the last nine years of her service were in the government of India in different Ministries and later in the Planning Commission. Her major postings were as Secretary in the Department of Women and Child Development and the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment.

After superannuation, Kiran Aggarwal has worked on a  few committees set up by the Government of India. She has been doing voluntary work on a regular basis with organisations like SOSVA [ a mother NGO doing RCH, HIV awareness etc]; Transparency International [ an organisation dealing with issues dealing with corruption] and Charkha [ an organisation doing communications development work].

Mr. Ashim Aggarwal : Vice-President, Anandini

Ashim is a Lawyer based in Chandigarh. He practices in The Supreme Court of India and The Punjab and Haryana High Court. Ashim has a Degree in Commerce from SRCC, New Delhi. Ashim brings with him the much needed legal support required to run the society.

Ms. Janak Juneja :  Treasurer, Anandini

 Mr Madhukar Khera: Member Anandini

Mr Madhukar Khera has an interest in environment, social issues, photography and art. He has been connected to the business of retail and exports of crafts and handlooms for many years, and hopes this experience is of use to Anandini’s cause.

Mrs. Radhika M. Alkazi: Member, Anandini

Mrs. Radhika M. Alkazi is a disability professional. She has a degree in Basic Development Therapy, a Masters degree in Sociology and is a trained counsellor. She is the Founder Director, Aarth-Astha and Managing Trustee, Astha. Aarth-Astha is a well-known NGO working in the field of disability in Delhi.

Mr Gaurav Magu: Member, Anandini

Gaurav is a Strategy and Technology professional and has over a decade of experience in Software and Technology Consulting. His career spans across India, USA and Europe where he helped companies in implementing global technology strategies and solutions. He is actively involved in CSR activities and assists various NGOs in an advisory role from time to time. He briefly attended St Stephens College before leaving to pursue B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and is a Post Graduate in Business Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He is currently working as Senior Manager for Smart Analyst, a global research and consulting firm.

Ms. Shabnam Aggarwal : Founder Director, Anandini

Shabnam has worked in the field of disability for the last 20 years. She has a Masters in Psychology, a Degree in Law, a B.Ed in Special education and a Diploma in working with children with Dyslexia and Guidance and Counselling. Working in the area of Legal Rights of persons with disability has been the connecting point as far as academic qualifications go. She has worked for over twelve years with Astha – working with children, Supervising teachers, research into issues that impacted children with disabilities and their families and then working as part of Astha’s Information, Research and Counselling unit,now known as Aarth-Astha. Working on the Aarth-Astha Helpline, meant exclusively for persons with disabilities and their families,  provided an insight into their needs and struggles. Working independently with children with dyslexia and their parents has enabled her to address their  need for information and enabling them to understand the condition, besides enabling the child to overcome some of the challenges faced. Through Anandini she hopes to reach out and touch the lives of people with disabilities and their families…and somewhere, somehow make a difference…

Dr. Jyoti Seth :Member, Anandini

Jyoti has been teaching Sociology for more than twenty-four years. She was posted at Government College for Girls, Sector 42 , Chandigarh from 1983 to 2008, where she was the Head of the Department for 15 years. In 2008 she was transferred to Government College for Girls Sector 11, where she is working at present. The prime areas of interest for her are –  Gender issues, Women and Child Rights; Cultural studies and the Indian Diaspora. She is a member of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Chandigarh and is also a member of the core group working with the Director Higher Education, Chandigarh, involved in the formulation, coordination and conducting the campaign of the Chandigarh  Administration on Fighting Female Foeticide. Jyoti is an active member of the Citizens’ Collective Country Review, involved in formulating, analyzing and compilation of an Alternate Report of the Convention on the Rights of the Child [CRC], from NGOs and civil society.

Mr Bhanu Sharma:  Friend of Anandini:

Though not a member of Anandini, formally…Bhanu has been a constant source of help and support. He, along with Ashim and Gaurav are to thank for the website being there in the first place. A Special Thank you to Bhanu for hosting the site and the patient tutorials through video-conferencing! Thank you…

Bhanu Sharma has more than 10 years of product management and business development experience at startups and enterprise software companies, where he was responsible for taking software plans from initial concept to highly successful product lines. Before Skyfire, he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Adobe Systems and senior product manager at Macromedia for Breeze Meeting, now Adobe Acrobat Connect. Prior to Adobe, Bhanu was vice president and co-founder of Wanadu, an early web conferencing and eLearning solutions company. At Wanadu, he led the company to an acquisition by Latitude Communications, which was later acquired by Cisco Systems. Bhanu earned a bachelor of commerce degree from Punjab University in Chandigarh, India.