Trainings & Workshops

” To learn anything, you must put aside the safety of your ignorance”  … Richard Bach


Training sessions and workshops with Professionals working in the field, persons with disabilities and their families is a vital component of Anandini’s work. We believe that through these sessions we will be able to reach out to the stakeholders- with information about facilities, services and about disability conditions.  

Anandini focuses on reaching out to persons with disabilities, their families and professionals working in the field of disability and connected fields like Health and Education.

As part of its mandate, Anandini has been involved with training initiatives with the following organisations and groups:

> Lectures and Training Sessions for School Principals, Child welfare Officers from Haryana Government at HIPA, Gurgaon. Training Sessions were on Learning Disabilities and on Inclusion strategies. August 2013

> Two day training at a NGO in Gorakhpur, UP along with the Chairperson The National Trust. The training workshop reached out to over 60 Teachers and Principals from schools and organisations in and around Gorakhpur and covered various Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. September 2012

Empowering the Parents  Association with Information and Training. Interactive Sessions with Parents of the Amrit Parivaar Parents Group in Amritsar with specific focus  on Legal Rights, Schemes and Facilities, Inclusion, Training and Skill building opportunities, Career options and how to plan for the future. July 2012 

Lecture on ‘Inclusion of children with disabilities into the Mainstream’ Springdales School, Amritsar. July 2012

> Training Session at NIPCCD [ National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development] New Delhi. The session was for students of the PG Diploma Course in Guidance and Counselling – on The National Trust Act, The UN CRPD and the Changing Paradigm’ 2007, 2008, 2012.

> Training Session on ‘General Awareness about Rights and Welfare of Persons with Disabilities’ organised by The Directorate of Training, Union Territories Civil Services, Delhi for Delhi government Teachers, Principals, Doctors and Professionals linked to Health Care and Child welfare. September 2011

> Teacher Training -series of lectures and training sessions on Child Development, Educational Psychology and Children with Special Needs- for B.Ed teacher-trainees at a government centre in Delhi. January-March 2011

>Visiting Faculty at AmarJyoti Centre, New Delhi 1998-2010.  Conducted regular training sessions for Teacher-trainees doing their B.Ed Special Education and was part of the faculty for the course ‘Aspects of Learning Difficulties for children and Young people with disabilities’, in collaboration with Roehampton University, London.

   These lectures were on:

       -  Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities.

       -   Legal rights and care-taking arrangements of persons with mental and multiple disabilities.

      -  On the provisions of The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995.

      -  On the provisions of The National Trust Act, 1999.

 >Workshop on ‘Cerebral Palsy’ for professionals, CBR workers and parents associated with the    Government School for the Mentally Retarded, Sector 32, Chandigarh: March 2006.

 >Workshop on ‘Dyslexia’ for the teaching staff of Somerville School, Greater NOIDA: April 2006.

 >Workshop on ‘Dyslexia’ for the junior school teaching staff of Vivek High School, Chandigarh: September 2006.

 >Presentation and Teleconference on ‘Planning Academic curriculum for children with Cerebral Palsy’ for the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi : February , 2007

 >Workshop on ‘Learning Disability’ for the Teacher trainees of the Special Education course at AADI [formerly, Spastics Society of Northern India] New Delhi: February 2007.

 >Workshop on ‘Dyslexia- An Introduction, Teaching strategies, Modifications and concessions that Schools can extend to children’. A workshop for Teachers, School principals and Parents at Gwalior. May 2008.

 >Presentation on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at a VSO workshop in Ranchi, December 2008.

 >Training sessions for Principals of schools from Haryana. Sessions on ‘Dyslexia’ and ‘Facilitating Slow Learners within the class’ at HIPA [Haryana Institute of Public Administration], Gurgaon. July 2009

 >Training sessions for District Education officers, Principals of schools from Haryana and NGO representatives. Sessions on ‘Dyslexia’ and ‘Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ at HIPA  [Haryana Institute of Public Administration] Gurgaon. August 2009

 >  Conducted a training programme at Action For Autism, a Delhi based NGOs on ‘Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. For the Teacher Trainees of the RCI recognized B.Ed in Special education- Autism. The group included many mothers of children with Autism. Sessions were conducted on The Persons with Disabilities Act, The National Trust Act, The Mental Health Act, The Rehabilitation Council of India Act and The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  [ September 2009 ]

 >  Amarjyoti, a research and training based organisation in Delhi also runs a  teacher training Diploma course in Special education. Sessions on The Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the changing Perspective on Disability were conducted over two days.            [ October 2009 ]

 >Conducted  a session on ‘Facilitating Children with differing learning abilities in a  classroom’ at  HIPA, Gurgaon. This was for Education Officers, school Principals and teachers from different parts of Haryana. [ October 2009 ]

 >  A training session on, “How to handle issues of Adolescence” was conducted with counsellors at The SOS Children Village, Faridabad. Counsellors from various branches of SOS all across the country discussed the issues that they are faced with while working with the adolescents. [ December 2009 ]

 >Conducted workshops for families and professionals at ASTHA and many other organizations in Delhi, Jaipur and Chandigarh to disseminate information about the Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities- especially the issue of Guardianship.

 >Workshop on Legal Rights and Care-taking arrangements of Persons with Mental and Multiple Disabilities; On the provisions of The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 and The National Trust Act, 1999 – for Parents and professionals associated with the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and Sadhna Parents Association, Chandigarh.

 >Coordinated and organized meetings on issues that concern parents and families of children with disabilities – ex. Legal rights; Medical and Life Insurance; Tax- exemptions; Financial planning.

 >Along with a colleague at ASTHA developed and conducted a training-module for the B.Ed Special  Education teacher trainees of Tamana School of Hope, New Delhi on ‘Legal and Human Rights of persons with Autism’

While providing a platform to reach-out and convey Anandini’s belief and stress upon Rights of persons with disability, these training sessions and workshops help get various perspectives and understand how disability is viewed by a  cross section of people …